Womens fitness over 50

Everything A Woman Could Ever Need To Get Moving

Fitness book for women over 50
  • How to plan your own exercise program as a busy woman to fit in with your life
  • What should you wear to look and feel the part
  • How to find your way through the maze of healthy eating information
  • The best way to eat to stay healthy in menopause and beyond
  • How to focus on your health and vitality as a woman to get your bounce back

One of the best sports socks on the market. Incorporating silver yarn ultra sports technology.

  • Elastic top firm but not restrictive stops the sock from slipping.
  • Silver Yarn inhibits the growth of fungi and bacteria.
  • Reinforced heel for endurance and maximum durability.
  • Knitted arch support.
  • Cotton foot with terry knit, lessens impact, enhances breathability and airflow for greater moisture wicking ability.
  • 5% lycra for strength support and shape retention.
  • Contoured shaped leg.