Health & fitness for women over 50

Time For Me


A comprehensive 6 week health & fitness program designed for women over 50 to get strong and full of energy. Want to know more…Fit N Fifty Plus Time For Me


One day you are coasting down the road, all smiles managing all of your responsibilities, and the next you are 50 + and wondering what on earth has happened to you, and your body.

You feel tired, you can’t bend down like you used to, actually you can’t even tie your laces. Not to mention how tight your waist bands are and how unfit you are feeling. Remember when you could look in the mirror without holding your stomach in?

You know that your lifestyle is making you miserable but it’s really hard to sort through all the advice to know which way should go. How do you find a plan that’s going to suit your needs and lifestyle and SUCCEED?

How are you ever going to get fit, healthy & strong and full of energy again?

You need a helping hand, actually you need a coach who understands exactly how it feels to be you and knows how to teach and motivate you so you learn a new healthier way of being you.

That’s fine because that is what I do. My job is to plan out your new healthy lifestyle taking into consideration you’re a woman over 50 and then help you get there. I’ll motivate you but also keep you accountable.

6 Week Online Program to get your life and health back on track

  • A comprehensive 6 week program focussed on getting you strong and full of energy
  • Personal 1 on 1 Health and Wellness consultations with a trained professional to help create your own personal guide to gearing fir and healthy so you feel full of energy and ready for life.
  • Weekly support to keep you on track and work through your challenges along with 24 hour availability to answer your questions.
  • Daily guided meditation to help you reconnect with who you really are
  • Twice weekly guided self care stretching & massage videos that will leave you looking better, moving better and feeling amazing.